Saturday, February 02, 2013

Already Behind

The advanced writing course I have been working on has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now. And, I am already behind in my assignments, lol. I have been busy with work, quite tired when I get home, and distracted.

I missed the deadline for the assignment, but they don't affect any marks. In fact, we don't have to do the assignments, but it's not wise because they will help with the writing process.

Today, I finished up the assignment on character. We had to develop a flaw he/she would overcome, give a bit of background on how the character developed the flaw, and the epiphany they go through.  After giving my character the flaw of lack of self-confidence, my instructor believes that she has more lack of self-worth. This he got from reading what she overcomes in the end. That's OK, though, because I had debated on whether or not that was her real flaw instead of it being lack of self-confidence/self-esteem.

The next lesson I have begun is on point of view - first person, third person omniscient and third person limited.  I've just started this lesson, and there are little exercises to do (but not to pass in). The instructor gives us a scenario, and then we have to write it with each of the points of view. After we do that, he then shows us how he handled it. 

So far, I am enjoying the course, and look forward to working my way through it. I also hope to take some other courses when this one is finished - or maybe even during the summer if they are offered...though if I go home again for any length of time in the summer, that might not be possible since my mom doesn't have Internet at her house. My course is all online, and having computer access is a must.

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