Saturday, February 09, 2013

Still Behind

I am still behind on the writing course assignments. I just find it difficult to work on it throughout the week, and I find myself just waiting until the weekend to work on it. I am slowly making my way through it though. I've missed the deadline for submitting something for the previous assignment, so thankfully they don't count toward the mark.

Today, I've been reading about Voice, Tense, Mood, Theme, Description, and Research. For this lesson we have to write a two or three sentence setting and then go back through a set of steps for adding details to what we wrote in those sentences.  I am about ready to submit what I've written, but I want to go over it a few more times to see if I can make it a little better by changing up some of the word choices I've made.

The setting I've chosen to work with, is one of the ones I've created for the end (or near end) scene of the novel I've been somewhat working on. To me, it's a good scene, but I guess once I submit it and get some feedback, I'll know a little more if it is good or not.

Well, back to work. I've got two or three more lessons to catch up on and would like to get them done!

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